12 Best Hypnotherapy in Regina July 2022

Following are the list of 12 top rated Hypnotherapy near me in Regina, Canada as per their rating and reviews.

Healthy Roots Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre

330 Gardiner Park Ct, Regina, SK S4V 1R9, Canada

Location: (50.435278, -104.554839)

Rating: 4.9/5 (34) Votes


HealthWorks Physiotherapy Massage Therapy & Acupuncture

1440 14 Ave, Regina, SK S4P 0W5, Canada

Location: (50.442919, -104.602045)

Rating: 4.7/5 (27) Votes


Hypno Heather

1307 D Ottawa St, Regina, SK S4R 1P3, Canada

Location: (50.4580091, -104.6003949)

Rating: 5/5 (12) Votes


Élan Osteopathic Clinic

202-2629 29 Ave, Regina, SK S4S 2N9, Canada

Location: (50.4121093, -104.6200709)

Rating: 5/5 (4) Votes


Brenda Hall Hypnotherapist & Psychic Medium

2347 McIntyre St, Regina, SK S4P 2S1, Canada

Location: (50.44153, -104.6163611)

Rating: 5/5 (4) Votes


Touched By Grace Wellness

89HP+XG, Rowatt, SK S4P 2Z3, Canada

Location: (50.3299078, -104.6137843)

Rating: 4.5/5 (4) Votes


Sparks of Healing

3522 E Sandringham Rd, Regina, SK S4V 3C8, Canada

Location: (50.4366539, -104.5324872)

Rating: 5/5 (4) Votes


Regina Naturopathic

2310 College Ave, Regina, SK S4P 1C7, Canada

Location: (50.4411163, -104.6143089)

Rating: 5/5 (2) Votes


Celestially Yours Hypnotherapy & Holistic Wellness

1440 Horace St, Regina, SK S4T 5L8, Canada

Location: (50.4560071, -104.6600162)

Rating: 5/5 (2) Votes


Neil Child Hypnotherapy

1901 Victoria Ave #808, Regina, SK S4P 3R4, Canada

Location: (50.4469639, -104.6082878)

Rating: 5/5 (1) Votes


Kami Vopni, CH

505-2125 11th Ave, Regina, SK S4P 3X3, Canada

Location: (50.450167, -104.6118599)

Rating: 5/5 (1) Votes


Regina Hypnosis Centre

1126 15th Ave, Regina, SK S4P 0Y5, Canada

Location: (50.4425569, -104.5971996)

Rating: 5/5 (1) Votes


Total Rating: 4.9/5 (96) Votes

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