20 Best Sleep Clinics in Markham July 2022

Following are the list of 20 top rated Sleep Clinics near me in Markham, Canada as per their rating and reviews.

MRC Sleep & Snore/Healthcare

4190 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 4T7, Canada

Location: (43.8040402, -79.2869618)

Rating: 4.9/5 (66) Votes


MRC Sleep & Snore / Healthcare

4581 Hwy 7 #101, Unionville, ON L3R 1M6, Canada

Location: (43.8613886, -79.3066389)

Rating: 4.9/5 (58) Votes


York Region Sleep Disorders

13291 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 4L6, Canada

Location: (43.9517073, -79.4556102)

Rating: 2.7/5 (26) Votes


North Toronto Sleep Centre

4040 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 4V5, Canada

Location: (43.8025367, -79.2936193)

Rating: 2.2/5 (25) Votes


Sleep-Wake Disorders Clinic

410-2130 Lawrence Ave E Suite 410, Scarborough, ON M1R 3A6, Canada

Location: (43.7475352, -79.2873645)

Rating: 2.9/5 (21) Votes


Toronto Sleep Institute

390 Steeles Ave W suite 208, Thornhill, ON L4J 6X2, Canada

Location: (43.7960425, -79.4340381)

Rating: 2.7/5 (16) Votes


MRC Sleep & Snore/Healthcare

9005 Leslie St #107, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1G7, Canada

Location: (43.8455861, -79.3821295)

Rating: 4.9/5 (16) Votes


North York Sleep & Diagnostic Centre

2 Champagne Dr B15, North York, ON M3J 2C5, Canada

Location: (43.7669493, -79.4718949)

Rating: 2.5/5 (16) Votes


Woodbine Steeles Sleep Clinic

7155 Woodbine Ave b103, Markham, ON L3R 1A3, Canada

Location: (43.8178102, -79.3492329)

Rating: 4.1/5 (14) Votes


CPAP DIRECT LTD.-Scarborough

4211 Sheppard Ave E A209, Scarborough, ON M1S 5H5, Canada

Location: (43.7847555, -79.2778961)

Rating: 3.7/5 (9) Votes



7010 Warden Ave Unit 6 & 7, Markham, ON L3R 5Y3, Canada

Location: (43.8202055, -79.3253665)

Rating: 3/5 (8) Votes


Respiratory Homecare Solutions (RHS)

3447 Kennedy Rd #216, Scarborough, ON M1V 3S1, Canada

Location: (43.821204, -79.304566)

Rating: 5/5 (6) Votes


Sleep Diagnostic Centre

1333 Sheppard Av E, North York, ON M2J 1V1, Canada

Location: (43.7714087, -79.3612653)

Rating: 3.6/5 (5) Votes


VitalAire Healthcare

1333 Neilson Rd #325, Scarborough, ON M1B 4T9, Canada

Location: (43.8084979, -79.2196657)

Rating: 2.6/5 (5) Votes


Richmond Hill Sleep and Lung Institute

330 Hwy 7 Suite 205, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3P8, Canada

Location: (43.8412674, -79.3989903)

Rating: 2.6/5 (5) Votes


SleepzZPAP Clinic

7335 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T 1P9, Canada

Location: (43.8062682, -79.4213083)

Rating: 3.8/5 (4) Votes


Sleep Management Group

390 Steeles Ave W #200, Thornhill, ON L4J 6X3, Canada

Location: (43.7957874, -79.4338038)

Rating: 3/5 (3) Votes


Mediflow Inc

39 Riviera Dr, Markham, ON L3R 8N4, Canada

Location: (43.8305723, -79.3456697)

Rating: 5/5 (1) Votes


Markham Stouffville ProResp

379 Church St #105, Markham, ON L6B 0T1, Canada

Location: (43.8847924, -79.2318434)

Rating: 5/5 (1) Votes


MHHC Sleep Solutions

5970 16th Ave unit 128, Markham, ON L3P 7R1, Canada

Location: (43.8916341, -79.2665103)

Rating: 5/5 (1) Votes


Total Rating: 3.7/5 (306) Votes

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